As we announced last week, we are devoting Monday to our wonderful, hardworking and beautiful community of mommies. Each Monday will feature a WiO mom and her own tricks of the trade in finding balance in her crazy on life on the go! We are exactic to reveal our first WiO mom, the adorable and super sweet...

Elana Nanscawen

How many children do you have? What are their ages and names? I have two kids,Chloe 3 1/2 and Ethan 2 1/2!

What does a typical day look like for you? Just like every other Mom, it's usually about planning the day from one activity to the next, and hoping you get there on time...something I'm still working on. :) Chloe and Ethan share a room so they usually wake up together between 7 and 8am, then it's the mad rush of getting us all dressed, eating breakfast, and out the door for Chloe to go to school and Ethan and I to go to WiO. On Wednesday's Chloe joins us at the gym which she loves since she gets to see some of her best buddies. They both love going to the studio and seeing their friends and all the great people that work there.

Being a mommy is tough work, how do you have time to get to a class? I never thought I would be so excited to work out, but the people, classes, and knowing that Chloe and Ethan love it as much as I do is great motivation to make sure it's a part of our day.

What keeps you motivated? I feel energized and happier with myself after I work out. It's one of the most important jobs in the world taking care of kids, and when I can be at my best for them it makes my day more balanced.

How long have you been taking the kids to WiO? We've been going to WiO for over a year now. When we first started going to classes and I would take Mom's Ride, Chloe and Ethan had a hard time with me leaving them for the duration of the class since they weren't familiar with the surroundings....but now when we're out walking around town, they always point out where the gym is and ask to stop in to say hello! We've meet great friends at WiO and it's so nice to have such a family friendly studio so close to our apartment!

Any advice to your fellow WiO Mom's about how you find balance in your everyday life? I had a friend who suggested I try the spin class, and I'm so thankful I did. Sometimes it takes a little push to make something new work. Listen to those good pushes. It can be overwhelming having kids and trying to make something else fit into your day, but when you feel great after working out, and you see your kids growing socially and enjoying something as much as you do going it's a no brainer to keep going.

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