We are super excited to feature our next WiO Mom of the Month, the always energitic and enthusiastic,

Vanessa Rissetto

How many children do you have and what are their names and ages? Technically I only have one Catherine "Cate" she is 8 months....but then I have a 5 year old yorkie named Marley who is definitely my child as well. 

What does a typical day look like for you?  Wake up at 6:30, nurse, dress, and feed the baby. Then walk the dog. My husband brings me coffee as I get ready for work. When I get home, I feed, bathe and nurse the baby, go to WIO, come home, collapse, repeat!!!  

Did having children make you more aware of your own health and theirs?I'm always aware of my health because I work as a dietitian having a baby just makes me have to be aware of someone else's health too.  

What motivates you to get to WiO? I feel like being the mother of a little girl it's good for her to see her mother take time for herself to eat right and exercise. I want these things to just be normal parts of everyday life; not something to be thought of as a chore. Childhood obesity is a serious epidemic in this country and I think it's important that we have good habits at home that our children can model after.  

A piece of advice for your own mother or parents that you use when raising your own child.  Just relax and do the best you can, always tell your kids, husband, and pets you love them 

Your own life motto you live by.  It's not a big deal, your kid will still go to college even if he/she is still sucking on a pacifier at 2yrs old ;)

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