Today, we are in for a special Mom on Monday treat as we are proud to reveal the beautiful mom of Noel and Devon...

Toni Descalzi

You are the mother of three beautiful daughters, Noel, Devon and Tara. What was it like raising three girls? To tell you the truth, I always wanted a boy, but I got three girls that I couldn't be more proud of- instead. Having girls was actually easy for me, I could always relate to women, as I was one of three girls as well! It always seemed easy and fun and now that they are older they keep me in the know of  all the latest fashion and cosmetic trends (which is a big plus!)

 What were the girls like growing up? Noel was strong-willed from the day she was born-came out kicking and screaming, determined to get her way. She was also born extremely athletic, she stood up at 3 weeks old, tried to climb out of the crib not soon after, and was walking by 10 months.  She ended up falling in love with gymnastics and that became her passion. She was fearless, always determined, ready to juggle anything and loved being in charge. Devon, was the complete opposite- came out super calm and quiet, always extremely logical.  She could literally sit in the car seat for hours and was completely fine. I would ask myself, "is there something wrong with this child! She was completely different from Noel." Devon, was also very athletic, skiing by age three. I used to take her to the track and field by a nearby high-school, then realized what a strong runner she was as well! Tara, is incredibly smart, easy going, knows what she wants and very conscientious.  She loves school and loves being a leader and doing well. Though the girls have some differences, they have a lot in common. They are all extremely creative, mature beyond their years, aggressive with their wants, so outgoing and all very social.  Which, is the opposite of me, but I learn from their charisma and it is so amazing to watch.    

Were you able to have your own career at the same time? Yes, I was able keep my job as a part-time nurse and be a mom at the same time. It was hard at first having 3 kids under 9 and juggling all of their schedules and my own as well. It was a ton of driving to school, gymnastics, dance, ice skating, soccer and back.  But, I had a lot of energy and I managed to balance it all and was always be a mom first.  Although, sometimes I'd be helping them with their homework and would dose off and they'd yell, "mom, you're sleeping!"

Are you as involved with fitness as they are? Yes, I was always athletic myself and growing up my father had horses.  I loved riding. I lost touch with fitness for awhile until Noel, encouraged me to get back into it and my husband bought me a treadmill.  At first, I was like oh great, thanks, nice gift, but then I started to use it and re-found my love for fitness and running. 

A piece of advice you've that you passed on to your girls. Always be able to take care of and depend on yourself.  Put your career first and be an independent. The girls weren't handed everything, my husband and I instilled a strong work ethic in them and taught them that if they want something they have to learn to make their own money and work for it.   And with that strong work ethic we always encouraged them to follow their dreams and goals in life.  Whenever they would say, “I can’t do this mom,” I'd say, yes you can."  

What is the biggest reward in being a mom and watching your girls grow up?  Seeing them get what they want out of life. I always let them live their own life and never talked them out of their dreams. I see them now making those dreams a reality and it makes me very proud of them and emotional.  I cry at everything they do!  Sometimes, I get a bit sad watching them grow older, because it makes me feel older.  But then I'm reminded, that they're always around and how exciting their lives are, like beginning to plan Noel's wedding. I am just so excited for them, all of them. 

What is something you do for yourself?   I run it makes me happy! I push myself to do races, which makes it exciting. I take pride in my fitness and nutrition. (I also need the energy for my future grandchildren!)

Piece of advice for young moms. Enjoy it, it goes so fast.  As you get older you realize whatever you put into your children's lives it is what they are made of.  So get them involved in everything, sports, dance, music it truly builds their character as young people.  Also, always make time for family.  Be together as much as you can, go on vacations make memories, help them with their homework,  and be a mom first!  I believe my husband and I made them into the people they are and as they get older, we get to reap the benefits of the product we made. Now, I am at a place where I am molded by the things I learn from them.  It is amazing how fast it goes, enjoy every second.