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Say hello to our next wonderful mom, our fabulous ride instructor...

Sherri Satz

How many children do you have and what does a typical day look like? My daughter's name is Paige and she is 15mths old and our days are different each day. I’m not the "scheduled type" but most days Paige wakes up by 6:30 and we are busy until her morning nap at 10:30. After that we usually have a class, a play date, errands to run and my own fitness classes to teach!

How did you get involved with WiO? When I was 9 months prego I heard about WiO and thought it would be the perfect place to work after I gave birth. The moment I walked in and spoke with Noel and I felt right at home. Teaching their Go Mommy class became the ideal job for me, as I could instruct while Paige could play in the "purple room".  Now, you can find me teaching WiO Ride every Monday night at 8:15! WiO is like family, it has been great to be a part of such a wonderful place and I look forward to all the great things that WiO has in its future. 

Are you able to balance your career and having children at the same time? When Paige came into our lives I was a stay at home mommy until I began instructing Go Mommy classes at WiO and launching my own business, Stroller Power Fitness. An outdoor workout for moms and their lil ones. Instructing became the perfect job for me as I was able to teach and have Paige cared for at the same time! 

What is your definition of "mommy time?" Ahh mommy time...this is when we sit in Paige’s room and she picks out books for me to read to her, when we go to the park together and play on the swings. Or simply going lunch, the best lunch date ever!  

What your biggest reward/ biggest challenge in being a Mommy? Everything is new! I learn everyday from the moment we wake up. When she listens or remembers something I have taught her or said to her is just amazing!

What keeps you motivated to be the best Mommy/Me you can be? Talking to my husband Mike and telling him all the things Paige has done new, different, bad and good throughout the day. Again, I learn everyday. Raising a child is all trial. When Paige giggles and gives hugs and gives kisses, that is the best in the world!