Check out our Mom on Monday Monthly feature where we put the spotlight on the busy lives of our marvelous WiO Moms! Say hello to our wonderful mom, and fabulous Sweata Weatha instructor… Monica Goldsack

1) Tell us a little bit about your son Tristan, and your relationship! How is
it raising a teenager?

Tristan is a an imaginative and creative teenager in his junior year of high school. He is sweet, very compassionate to others, especially the needy, and sometimes drives me and his dad insane but overall a great kid!  We do keep an eye on him as I think every parent should do since the world we live in has it's ups and downs and try to protect him as much as we can. He has been playing soccer since the age of 5 and trained with a Red Bull's coach for years, he also is an avid skateboarder.

2) How are you able to balance your career and having a child?

I have always managed to balance both, you find a way of handling it. I have never been the stay at home mom, always worked and by choice. It is much easier now that he is a teenager since he is independent and able to take care of himself.

3) We all know you, and you kick all of our butts into shape, do you train your son too? And what are yours and Tristan's favorite thing to do together?

Right now I think that his physical activity is enough, most likely I will start to train him at home using his own body weight and teaching him proper form before training him with weights. His high school has weight training facilities and are using weights in gym classes. Tristan and I hang out in the city almost every weekend, shopping, seeing movies, dinners with the family.  It's pretty cool that besides hanging out with his friends, he doesn't mind hanging out with his mom.

4) Did becoming a mom change you as a person and how so? What have been some of the rewards/challenges in being a mom.

Oh Boy for sure. Your life totally changes and that is what I live for, he is my #1 priority and everything I do with my life is to benefit him and his future. My rewards is the love that I know he has for me, and those unexpected kisses that I get for no reason. Challenges, everyday is a challenge, you want to make sure that he is on the right path and doing the right thing and that is mine and my husband's job and that is why we chose to become parents.

5) Life mottos you live by and any advice you have for our new WiO Moms.

I always keep an open mind and reason with him, I remember my teenage years and what I did, you cannot forget that. Start to listen to them from the very first years and you will be surprised how open they become with you as they get older and when they become teenagers and those horrendous hormones and defiance is when you will be appreciated. Don't forget the trust they have in you.

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