Meet our fabulous new WiO Ride Instructor Mommy, April Clark!

Tell us about your kiddies?

I have three energetic daughters; Teagan 5, Harper 3, and Sydney 18 months. Teagan is in Kindergarten and Harper is in Pre-K 3 both attend school at Brandt here in Hoboken. Sydney goes to a daycare in East Rutherford which is on my way to work.

How are you able to balance your career and being a mommy at the same time?

The secret to balancing my career and motherhood is my amazing husband, Chris. He works from home which makes life much more manageable.  I have to be on the road by 6:45am so he’s the one that gets the two older girls ready in the morning and does the drop off and pick up to school every day.  He also does the grocery shopping and cooks dinner every night. He has gotten up with me every morning even before we had children to make coffee and my lunch for work every day. He calls it being “opportunistically considerate” as I’m the one that has to leave and go to work every day.

Having three kids and a full time job, makes time management very important. I make sure everyone’s bags are ready to go to school/daycare and everyone’s clothes (including mine) are laid out before I go to bed each night, so that its easier for my husband to get them out the door in the morning.  I also make sure that I use my time wisely at work and rarely bring work home any more.   

 What is your definition of "Mommy-time?"

As a teacher, I am home early enough to have quality time with my daughters. We often do “school work” and arts and crafts projects together. One of our favorite projects is making decorations for the windows for the holidays. We also spend a lot of time at the park. I am fortunate to have the best of both worlds; I’m a working mom 10 months of the year but get to be a stay at home mom every summer.

As a fitness instructor, how do you teach your children the importance of good health? 

Fitness is very important to both my husband and I.  Working out is as regular in our lives as brushing our teeth. Our daughters have been going to the gym with us since they were babies and know that is very important to us. We not only lead by example, but we tell them that it’s important to take care of their bodies and eat right.

What is a motto you live by as a mommy?

Once you become a mother, you can’t forget that you were a wife first. To have a healthy family, you have to cultivate a loving and caring spousal relationship.  We couldn’t survive the chaos of our lives if we didn’t take a little time out for ourselves.  It takes understanding, communication, and teamwork to be successful.