We proud to announce our next awesome mom:

Erin K. Moharita

How many children do you have and what are their ages and names:I have two children, Eva who is 2.5 years old and Miku who is 10 months old.

What does a typical day look like for you? Our days start early, normally around 5:30am (my kids are early risers!)  I work full time so our goal everyday is to get everyone fully dressed, fed and ready to go by 7am.  The mornings are always hectic, but somehow we all make it out on time each day.  My kids go to daycare so I drop them off in the morning and off to work.  Afterwork we go home and play in the apartment to unwind from the day and then bedtime.  Since our weekdays are so regimented and busy we try on the weekend to limit the amount of activities we have scheduled so we can spend time as a family and try to relax and let the kids lead the way.

Being a mommy is tough work, how do you have time to get to the gym? My awesome husband and WiO’s evening class schedule.  Because of the late evening classes I am able to spend time with my kids after work, put them to bed and then run to the gym!

Did having kids make you more aware of your health and theirs? Absolutely.  From a young age I have always been into exercise and fitness, but I never paid much attention to my diet.  After I had my children I have noticed I am more aware of the food we eat and I strive for the entire family to eat a more balanced diet.   I also need more energy to keep up with them each day and eating good things really does make a difference.
Have you ever brought your children to WiO? Yes, I have taken Eva to the Mommy Spin class and we both loved it! It was great because Eva and I got to spend time together getting ready for the gym and I got to fit in a workout!
Is your hubby a good help? Yes! Because of him I am able to do everything that I do.  He keeps me sane through all this craziness and we are a good team. 
What is the biggest challenge/reward in being a mommy? The biggest challenge for me is trying to coordinate and juggle everything on my plate and still be able to spend quality time with the kids.  However, I have found that by having my kids as the number one priority in everything I do, everyone wins.  Having happy children is the best reward as a mom and I love seeing the world through their eyes.  It reminds me to just slow down and enjoy everything around me.
Best piece of advice you follow in your everyday life?I have finally learned to not strive for perfection- it takes too much time, work and energy and it is not worth it!  Just be grateful and enjoy what you have and everything around you.