Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you found your way to the Boken. I’m a born Jersey girl,originally from Maplewood NJ, just 20 minutes outside of Hoboken. I attended Fairfield University in Fairfield, CT and started working right after graduation in Connecticut for, an online auction house that offers one-of-a kind experiences to raise money for various non-profits and charities. In the Fall of 2010, we moved our headquarters to NYC so I moved home, saved up and then moved to Hoboken in October 2011. I have now been with charitybuzz three and a half years and currently work as an Auction Specialist, running online auctions for hundreds of non-profits each year and facilitating the auction experiences with big name celebs and our auction winners, including attending breakfast with Star Jones after The Today Show in December. I’ve always loved Hoboken because it’s less crowded than NYC and I love that I can walk anywhere I need to go.

What are your favorite Hoboken spots to unwind? Number one would be my apartment! I love nothing more than kicking back with my roommate on our couches catching up on our DVR-ed TV or having endless football Sundays with friends over. However, being the Zumba lover I am, I’m always down for a dance party. My favorite spots are  Wicked Wolf or Willie McBrides when there’s a band.

As many WiO Working Gals can contest, the commute back and forth the the City has been a rough one, what do you do to relax on your commute to and from work? Yes, the commute is finally getting back to normal and never thought I’d be so excited about public transportation and riding the PATH! I usually have my morning routine of checking facebook and twitter but also love reading on my Nook, it makes the trip go by so much faster! Any good book suggestions are much appreciated!

What motivates you to get to the WiO studio after a long day of work? After sitting at my desk staring at two computer screens all day, I feel like such a zombie by the time I leave the office. Coming to the studio and being able to jump around and let loose in Zumba Love is such a release, I feel so much better after! Plus, the studio is only 2 blocks from my apartment, so there are no excuses!

What are your goals for the New Year? Getting better at saving money is #1 on my list for the year. I’m working on that by bringing my lunch to work and planning dinners in advance so I don’t overspend at the grocery store. I’m also hoping to keep up with going to the studio at least 2x per week, but if work/plans don’t allow for that, I want to find other creative ways to get my workout in! This year I also want to work on having a better work/life balance and if things don’t go as planned, being able to roll with it and see what happens!