Tell us a bit about yourself and how you found your way to the 'Boken?

I am the definition of a Jersey Girl.  I have lived in NJ my entire life, spend every summer down the shore, am 100% Italian and live for Sunday dinners at home with my family.  I graduated from the University of Delaware 3 years ago and landed a Recruiter job at an IT staffing firm fairly close to my hometown.  After one year of speaking IT lingo all day, I realized I loved recruiting, but it was time to do it for a company I was excited about…and move out of my parent’s house!  If you are one of my close friends, you know that I am passionate about fitness.  I was able to blend that passion with an HR/Recruiting job at Equinox, a luxurious fitness company, in the big apple.  Which also meant – it was time to move to Hoboken!  I am going on my 3rd year living in the same, perfect, downtown apartment.  As much as I loved my job and work life balance at Equinox, I was recruited by the one and only Michael Kors this past December and am currently a Human Resources Generalist for their Retail division.  Being a lover for the renowned brand, it was an opportunity I could not pass up.  Luckily,  I am able to keep a healthy dose of fitness in my work life because I recently became a certified Spin Instructor!

What motivates you to get to the studio after a long day at work?

When I worked at Equinox, this question was NEVER an issue. Our Corporate office was right above the beautiful Flatiron facility in NYC and I would work out in the morning before work or during my lunch break – easy breezy and done before 6 pm.  When I started working at Michael Kors this past December, one of my biggest concerns was: when would I find time to work out?!  I tried the before work thing…didn’t last long.  I tried going home right after work, eating dinner then making it to the gym at 8 pm…definitely not for me.  I quickly realized the 30-45 minute workout on the elliptical at the gym was not satisfying, definitely not fun and not something I was committed to on a daily basis. I have to admit I am an avid “SoulCyclist” and go at least once a week in NYC with my roommate. When I am not at SoulCycle, the remaining days are now spent running outside along the Hudson or at Work It Out. Not only do the classes give you an amazing workout, the instructors are fun and so motivational and once you are registered for a class, you can’t back out!  I even have one of my friends from college hooked on Zumba Love with Kelly so we motivate each other to go every Monday night.  For me it’s all about finding a workout that you actually enjoy (yes it is possible!), making sure it is set in stone on your calendar and sharing the experience with friends.

What are you favorite places in Hoboken to go on a date?

If you happen to know me and my boyfriend, you are well aware of our obsession with going out to eat.  Luckily, we live in a town where there is a new restaurant to try on every corner.  For special occasions, my favorite place is 3Forty Grill on the water. The view of NYC is breathtaking and the dinner menu is very trendy and delicious.  When it’s time for just a casual Friday night date, it’s definitely a tie between Biggie’s and Precious – I know, we’re pretty low maintenance.  Biggie’s when we are looking for a solid sandwich and a cold beer (or glass of Pinot Noir for me) and Precious when it’s time for BYOB and sushi.  

Describe your perfect Hoboken Girls Night!

These nights are my absolute favorite.  Nothing compares to indulging in too much guacamole at Charittos, splitting a number of pizza pies at  Johnny Pepperoni or drinking one glass of wine too many at Teak’s half price nights - all with the company of your best girl friends.  My perfect “Hoboken Girls Night” would include all the above on a beautiful night where we can eat outside and catch up on our busy lives.  If you don’t have a slight headache the next morning from all the sangria and laughing, it wasn’t done right!

 What is a goal you want to achieve in the next 5 years?

I will be turning 25 in a month so 5 years from now will make me the big 3-0. Something that has been on my bucket list for the past 2 years has been to become a certified Spin Instructor.  I just crossed that off my list this past May.  In the next 5 years, I have two goals I would like to accomplish: Utilize my certification and begin teaching spin classes and buy an apartment in Hoboken.  I am extremely grateful for my corporate career at Michael Kors and understand that not many people can say they work for a company they are passionate about.  Having stability and making a living is important for obvious reasons, but I find it just as important to make bucket lists outside of your career and accomplish goals that fulfill your personal life. 

 Any comments/ advice you have for other WiO Working Gals?

At the end of the day, it’s all about what works for you.  Working in HR, my day is never the same and I have to admit I do have a “Type A” personality and live for consistency and a schedule.  Even though I can’t control my unpredictable work day, I can control my post “9-6” life.  I like to take the time on Sunday night to plan my work out schedule for the week and pencil in each work out on my office calendar.  This way I am looking at it all day.  I also find it much harder to make an excuse and get out of something if it is in writing.  Find a workout that you can’t get enough and actually have fun doing it…and grab a friend to come along for the ride.  It is also so important to take one day off every week. You’re body needs the rest!  Make this your cheat day when you get a drink with an old college friend, see a movie with your boyfriend and eat buttery popcorn or just lay on the couch for some alone time and catch up on trashy Bravo TV shows.  Lastly, aside from your career and staying physically fit, make sure to invest your time in a hobby that brings happiness to your life.