Meet our newest addition to the WiO Family, WiO Ride instructor, Aliyah Frumin! 

As a marathoner and triathlete, Aliyah initially turned to spin as a way to cross train during the winter. She quickly fell in love with the energy and camaraderie, and felt rejuvenated by the feeling of coming out of class drenched in sweat, knowing that she pushed herself to the absolute limit. Now, Aliyah is driven by that passion and desire to push other people to be and feel their absolute best. She motivates others by being  positive, having high-energy and playing great music– everything from pop, R&B and rock and roll.  Aliyah loves to take her cyclists to another level — while having a great time! She is a certified SPIN instructor from Mad Dogg Athletics.

Be sure to check out her first Riding High class, next Wednesday the 11th at 7:20pm! Welcome Aliyah!