Tell us a little bit about you and your family. 
My name is Dacquiri and I have two girls, Dallas (7) and Aubrey (5). There is nothing typical about a day in our lives however one constant is lots of cartwheels, handstands and flips. We live, work and go to school in Hoboken and we enjoy being a part of the community. For me a constant is wellness and I strive for a balance in our life by eating healthy, exercising and having fun!
What is it like being a WiO Gymnastics mom.  Have you met a lot of other mom's through our program?
It's great being a WiO Gymnastics mom! My girls love the instructors and the program has helped them progress with their skills at an exceptional rate. They look forward to class each week and wish they could go every day, literally! The staff are welcoming and Devon and Noel have been fabulous teachers and supporters!! They foster a community where I have met many other moms with daughters of like minds which has been a lovely experience. 
How did you find out about our WiO Gymnastics program and why do you and Dallas and Aubrey love the program?
Dallas saw a little girl doing a cartwheel when she was 6 and it was all over after that! She had to learn how to do it and practiced every day. Once she mastered that she had to learn more so I sought out WiO based on referrals from a few other moms. Dallas and Aubrey love the program because it provides them with the skills necessary to accomplish their gymnastic goals. For Aubrey mastering her cartwheel and for Dallas to master her back walkover. WiO gymnastics is also great for the variety and structure they offer the children which I love so, no matter what level gymnast, there is something for everyone to get involved and have a great time doing it!
What is the best thing you have watched Dallas and Aubrey learn?
The best thing I have watched Dallas and Aubrey learn was a cartwheel. So fundamental however once mastered it was a great confidence boost! They were encouraged to know if you apply yourself and practice you can achieve your goals and create new goals to continually broaden your horizons.
Was gymnastics ever part of your life growing up? What is your favorite physical activity you do for yourself as an adult?
Being a gymnast when I was younger it is awesome to see my girls take an interest as well. I really enjoyed tumbling and the uneven bars! Watching them do cartwheels everywhere reminded me of my days cartwheeling through fields and over hills as a young girl. Dance stole my heart when my legs grew too "leggy" and I have been dancing ever since. It is one of my most favorite things to do, next to running which I love since its time to myself.  Although dancing is the best because the girls and I can enjoy it together!
What is your favorite piece of mom advice for other WiO Moms?
My favorite piece of advice would be "smile everyday"! Someone said it to me and I keep it as a simple mantra. Being a mom is the most amazing and amazingly difficult job I've ever loved. These days when you're always connected and on the go its important to take a moment for the simple pleasures in life.
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