Meet a new addition to the WiO Community, Luke Carpenter Glynn.
Son of beautiful Go Mommy, Bridget Glynn.

When and where was Luke born? September 25, 2012, right here in NJ!  (A birthday he happens to share with the phenomenal Daria Eriksson, whose Monday morning Go Mommy was seriously the only hour a week for the first 6 months of my pregnancy that I wasn't gripped by the throes of morning sickness.  And trust me, for someone who spent 2/3's of each of my 3 pregnancies battling severe morning sickness, that is a miraculous feat :)

How did you come up with his name? "Luke" was my husband's pick, and "Carpenter" is after my dad, a family name for generations.

How can you describe him? A PURE JOY.  Still in shock that we have a little boy, and loving every blissful moment of it.  Luke has these huge, amazingly expressive eyes, that just sparkle with personality! He's funny, independent, and thoughtful all at the same time, having completely stolen our hearts.    He has 2 older sisters, Taylor-6, and Reese-3, (also WIOers!), so our house had been an abundance of all things pink, until Mr. Luke came along.  We are loving the blue.  It's amazing to see how his sisters have become so enamored with him, and he with them!   Kind of like finding the last piece of a puzzle- and suddenly it's perfectly complete!  

He's our 3rd child, which lends itself to being a lot more relaxed as a mom, and appreciating each and every day of him, because it does go by SO quickly.   (And by #3, you've already learned to survive on a lot less sleep!)
I also have to give a lot of LOVE to WiO for supporting my fitness goals throughout my pregnancy!  I feel as though I was able to 'bounce back' much more quickly this time, because of my prenatal fitness routine.  The illustrious Kara, who convinced me to take my first spin class ever, 2.5 years ago, was amazing giving me tips on how to alter my WiO Ride routine, prenatally.  Carrie showed me all sorts of modifications in "Hottie pilates" to accommodate my growing belly!  Noel was awesome in adding equipment to WIO's assortment to assist in my routines.   And Gina, ever the moral support, and smiling face out front :)  
Now onto my next fitness goal, WiO, which is ENDURANCE, because I'm quickly learning that little boys are VERY active creatures!
*Newborn photo credit: JBF photography