Do you know this smarty pants? Well her name is Lisa and she's pretty awesome.  Lisa has helped grow Work it Out and our community since 2012. She joined the team originally to create a nutrition counseling program with plans to produce a limited line of grab-and-go food items as well as juices, but then Work it Out continued to expand and here we are, finally ready to introduce it all. Lisa's education marries a degree in Foods and Nutrition from the College of St. Elizabeth, along with a Communications degree from Rutgers University, allowing her to take all the mystery and confusion out of living a healthy lifestyle and disseminating it in a simple, personalized and effective way. She is also a certified personal trainer and holds certifications in food preparation.

Partner up with Lisa and set a path towards a lifestyle filled with healthy, happy habits. She has worked with clients leading up to their wedding, husbands and wives looking to refresh after a newborn, and single ladies striving to build healthy habits.

Each program is unique and created for the clients needs, desires and achievable goals. Programs can range from wellness analysis, food and nutrient guidelines, meal plans and recipes, along with support and guidance. Next week you'll begin to see grab-and-go food items for sale  in each of our studios. Stay tuned for more on the WiO Wellness program and be sure to visit the Treehouse to sample all of the elixirs and goodies after your practice!