Many of you know me as Noël the owner of Work it Out, the girl who got married in Greece, the gymnast, the sister of Devon and Tara or most commonly, which I prefer - The Boss. I juggle a lot of hats as the owner and Creative Director, no one day is the same for me; whether it’s managing staff, fixing a piece of equipment, designing a marketing campaign, or teaching a class. I am the visionary for the company, devoted to our growth and mission of creating and evolving an environment for the 21st century woman: well-rounded, happy, healthy and hard-working.

The one hat that I wear, that holds a special place in my heart is as the Gymnastics Program Director. My passion for gymnastics started when my parents enrolled me at  just 3 years old. Always a“go-getter," I became a competitive gymnast and went on to hold state, regional and national titles. I trained as a gymnast for 16 years of my life and later discovered my love for professional cheerleading. These sports allowed me the opportunity to see my passion for health and fitness and identify a booming trend. I have to say I was one of the first to hop on a bike at Soul Cycle and plié at Physique 57 almost a decade ago!

As a competitive gymnast 3-core traits were instilled in me: hard-work, determination, and goal setting, and  in 2010, they shined through and Work it Out was born. The location of 6th and Willow was actually a spot that I had pointed out to my mother a year earlier with confidence and determination that it would be mine. Hoboken has always held a special place in my heart. While I grew up in Secaucus, I created roots in Hoboken because of my involvement in the town's Cheer Dynamics All-Star team, which still exists today. This fall, I will coach the junior team, part-time.

The gymnastics program at Work it Out is something that my roots truly are steeped in. I wanted to create something that bridged a competitive and recreational program, so that all gymnasts could receive hands on training and develop skills whether they were coming once a week or three times a week. The curriculum I build for the program has it's foundations in the understanding of the sport and I work with each student and our coaches to ensure this knowledge is passed along.

As most things in life, gymnastics has come full circle for me. Gymnastics is the heart and soul of WiO and myself along with my sister Devon, oversee the entire program. I have even created and teach Flight Series, the adult version of WiO’s gymnastics class. I continue to utilize all of the strong attributes gymnastics provided me in my formative years in my everyday affairs as a young business owner. Creating killer work-outs that are fun and challenging is my speciality and I'm determined to continue on this mission.