How many children do you have and what are their names and ages? 
We have one 7 year old daughter, Mika.  
What are some life mottos your own mother taught you that you instill in your children?
Not so much a motto, but my mom raised me on her own and she taught me how to do for myself.  She was the cook, the handyman, the nurse, the tutor....everything.  When I see something that needs to get done, from hanging drywall to changing a tire to making a recipe I have never made, I know I have the skill set to handle it.  And even if I don't I am confident enough to fake it.
Being a mommy is exhausting, how do you keep yourself motivated to get to the studio?
I am not going to lie, when I first started coming to WIO it was "I bought these visits and I am going to use them no matter what".  Now, after seeing how amazing all the people here are, I look forward to it.  Also, at 42 years old, I want to stay healthy to keep up with my daughter.  My husband, Jonas, is also into fitness and staying healthy so if I ever need a little reminder to get to the studio he helps.
Are you able to balance a career while having children?
Before I had my daughter I was working as a makeup artist.  It was lots of long and unpredictable hours.  After her birth I decided to stay home.  My husband also works odd and unpredictable hours so it is more a balance of quality family time.  We are lucky that we do get to spend a lot of time together.  Being in Hoboken is great for us as we have everything right here at our doorstep.  Friends, family, is all within walking distance.  I think that is what makes Hoboken appealing to all moms. 
What are your favorite kid friendly spots on Hoboken?
We call Elysian Park our front yard, so that it right at the top of the list.  There are so many cool things for families in our little "mile square city".  We love the uptown farmers market on Saturday, the walk along the waterfront, or just heading out the door with no particular place to go, we can always find something to do.  One of the best parts of Hoboken is nearly every time I go out I run into someone I know.  It has a small town feel which I love.
Is your hubby a good help?
He's the best!  We have been married for 16 years so we work great as a team.  We are very ying and yang.  He wakes up early while I am a terrible sleeper, so he always gives me a little extra time in the morning.  I tend to be a little intense, while he is calm and collected so he keeps me grounded.  He is an amazing father and husband.  I am really lucky.
Advice you have for other WiO Moms!
Make every day count.  Don't be afraid to dance even if you are the only one that hears the music.