How many children do you have and what are their names and ages?
Kieran, son, 4 and Ruby, daughter 2
What does a typical day for you look like?
Even though I have been a stay-at-home mom for 5 years I do my best to keep things as varied as possible. I've always liked lots of excitement and I do my best to get a little of it, even in these early years of motherhood. After dropping off my son at preschool I spend the morning with my daughter- at museums, WIO, the library, park or watching her best friend so the two can enjoy oneanother's company. After school we participate in WIO gymnastics, swimming, and other Hoboken kid activities.
Did having children cause you to be more aware of the importance of good health?
Very much so! My husband I have always been in decent shape, but as we get older we have put a priority on staying active and eating well because we plan on enjoying our grandchildren and our retirement. It's funny to say that now, but why work so hard now if we are not well enough to enjoy the future? It's almost been a year since I started attending classes at WIO and he's been very steady with daily stretching and kickboxing. I have also been experimenting with adding new vegetables and grains to our diets, so we're fighting the effects of aging in that way too.
What motivates you to get to the studio?
Even though I sometimes dread working out, I always feel accomplished afterward and I know that hour was well spent. My daughter just LOVES the babysitting at WIO and she considers it her "gym class"-- so that's motivation too. She's always excited to high-five Miss Kara and show off a new toy, skirt, or gymnastics move to Miss Stephanie.
What are your favorite kid friendly restaurants in Hoboken?
Unfortunately right now my kids are not in a great place for restaurants--they always talk about going and then barely eat anything once we are there! My husband and I do make time for ourselves though and if we stay local we enjoy the early-bird dinner at Amanda's, happy hour at The Cuban and bringing our own wine for sangria at Zafra.
What do you do to treat yourself and unwind after a busy day with the kids?
I used to work in the wine industry- so I believe that justifiably I can say WINE! After the house is quiet it's just wonderful to open a nice bottle with my husband. We can't go out every night, but a night in with a nice bottle always feels special!
Advice/motto you have for other WiO Moms!
Being a Mom is challenging. Whereas an adult's moods might change within a day, a child's mood seems to change by the minute! Be prepared for whatever they bring you by being in a good mental space yourself- whether it's working out, waking early for a quiet cup of coffee, or an hour-long solo stroll on Washington each Saturday,  do what you need to do to approach every new situation with patience, understanding and a level-head.