Describe a typical day in your life.  Although it's often a challenge to get out the door, and involves allowing my 2 year old son, Jackson, to wear a Superman shirt almost everyday, I like to get us up and out of the house each morning! We typically head to the WiO Studio or other places in town for classes! After our morning activities it's lunch and nap time then back out for music, play dates, swimming, a trip to the park or taking advantage of all the great things to do with kids in the area! 

What is your favorite thing about being a mommy? There are so many things I love about being a mommy. Laughing together, playing, cuddling, reading books, coloring, kissing boo boos, singing and dancing, passing along traditions, my son's face lighting up when I pick him up after a WiO ride, and getting to introduce my son to all of the fun things I did as a child are some of the most special. I love that we get to be kids again too! 
Are you able to balance a career and being a mom at the same time? Before I had Jackson, I taught full time in NYC. Now, I am a mostly stay at home mom but work part time as a private tutor. I found a great balance in doing what I love while being able to spend the majority of my time with who I love :)
Where is your favorite place in town to go on a date night with the hubby? My husband and I moved to Hoboken about a year ago so we like trying new restaurants when possible. One of our favorites is Anthony David's!
What motivates you to get to the studio? I love the atmosphere at WiO! The Go Mommy classes  are challenging yet fun and the instructors and other moms are all so friendly and supportive! I also feel that getting to the studio in the morning sets the tone for a healthy and productive day. 
Advice your mom gave you as a child that you tell your own children now:) My mother always was and still is a great listener, I guess that is one piece of unspoken advice I've taken with me and will pass down to my children. Being heard and knowing someone wants to listen to anything you have to say makes you feel loved and supported. I try to make it a point to take the time and listen to whatever it may be my son is trying to tell me (with his two year old vocabulary) ;)!