Meet a new addition to the WiO Community, Lucie Loria .
Stunning daughter of stunning Go Mommy, Caitlin Loria.
When and where was Lucie born? 
Lucie was born September 26,2012 in New York City at St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital. Just like her big sister, Frankie!
How did we come up with Lucie's name?
My grandmother's middle name was Lucy and after Frankie kept calling my belly "Baby Lucie" we decided to go with it but alter the spelling.
How can you describe her?
Lucie is like a little dolly. She is so sweet and super strong. Perhaps that comes from me doing WiO ride classes (the far back bike in the studio) until I was 8 months pregnant. She is already crawling, trying to stand and making lots of vocal sounds at just 7 months. I love her so much, and the best part is watching her and my almost 3 year old together. Its the best thing in the world. Lucie is my light!
Everyone at WiO always made me feel so good when I came into Go Mommy and I was a big 'ol pregant lady. I also believe that my body returned to normal much faster with Lucie because I exercised during the pregnancy. Now I bring both my girls to Go Mommy and get a great workout. I love WiO! It's such a wonderful community of  strong, beautiful women. Inside & out!