noun a horizontal bar at waist level on which ballet dancers rest a hand for support during exercises

But barre (or CandyBarre at WiO) isn't just a bar attached to the wall. So what really is this barre thing all about? We know most of you are pretty clued in to the whole barre craze by now -- especially since you're signing up for classes week after week -- but do you really know what it's all about? We're here to help.

The barre technique is a blend of the fundamentals of ballet, pilates and yoga -- designed to strengthen, lengthen and tone your muscles. Thus creating those long, lean ballerina muscles we all drool over. Here at WiO, we start with an active warm-up to get the blood flowing and your heart rate up. We then move onto an arm series performed with light hand weights. Next, the actual "barre" work takes place, using the ballet barre for support in various different exercises -- mainly focusing on leg work. We'll then finish off class with abdominal and often times glute work on the floor. Rounding off class with some final stretches, which is more important than most people think!

However, our 50-minute classes fly by and there are so many more exercises we could teach you if we just had a little bit more time. So, our barre team has designed a series of 90-minute barre master classes. 90 minutes?! Don't panic -- It's still going to fly by and you're going to learn so much, all the while creating those long, lean muscles we're all after.

The CandyBarre Master Class Series 3 weekends. 3 instructors. 3 great barre workouts.

Sunday, 4/12:  11:30a - 1p with Caitlin Focusing on unique playground ballexercises for a total body workout

Sunday, 5/17:  11:30a - 1p with Taylor Featuring Thera-Bands in a 'flex & flow' format

Saturday, 6/20:  12:30p - 2p with Cassie Incorporating various weight training techniques


$40 / Single Master Class $75 / Barre with a Bestie $105 / All Three Classes

Each class will flow just like we explained above -- with each instructor focusing more on the use of a specific prop to make you feel the burn in a way you might not have experienced before. So who's up for the challenge? Our barre masters are pumped! Here's their philosophy on the barre technique:

Caitlin "Barre has become way more than just a workout for me. I've never felt more myself then when I'm teaching or taking a barre class. It's freeing -- in a mental and spiritual way for me. Discovering the barre technique and adding it to my fitness regime was just what I needed. It gets me excited to workout in a way I've never experienced before -- well, except when I was dancing in my younger years."

Taylor "Do what you love. I have never loved hopping on a treadmill or elliptical and living there for 30 minutes, but instead always sought my workouts at the ballet barre. Find a physical activity that capitalizes or infuses what you love (be it ride, circuit training, blended, dance cardio) and make a commitment to yourself to get there 2-3 times a week. Not only will your heart be happy, but your body will as well! Also, don't be afraid to try something new. If you are an avid runner/cyclist, switch up your workout 1-2 times a week and cross train with a dance cardio or barre class that targets those little muscles we may otherwise forget about."

Cassie "Strengthen, lengthen, tone, and have fun! For me, fitness/barre is both for the mind and the body. I always want to leave a workout feeling like I did an awesome job and feeling more accomplished than when I walked in the room, and I strive to make my clients feel the same. With fun music, instruction that focuses on all body parts and muscle groups with proper alignment, and a focused mind, we can achieve that balanced barre-body...and have a fun time, too!"

And what our three barre ballerinas love most about the barre technique is how the main principles of ballet are infused in the practice; therefore, spreading the knowledge and enjoyment of ballet to everyone! All three ladies are trained ballet dancers and love that barre is a way to share their passion with our clients. But you don't have to be a dancer to love barre!

So get ready to workout in a way you may never have before -- and sign up for our three CandyBarre Master Classes. Registration can be done right on MindBody under Burns.