Rethink Your Drink!

Hoboken is full of restaurants and bars, but we aren’t talking about happy hour cocktails. We are getting smart on hydrating. You workout hard everyday and the easiest part of living healthy is hydrating properly, but it is also the easiest to skimp on and can put a damper on your diet.

People tend to focus on limiting their calories by restricting food if they are looking to lose weight, but many times the beverages consumed are really causing unnecessary calories to be consumed. Does this drink routine look familiar for you? Did you realize how high some of these drinks will run you with calories?


Instead of…




Morning coffee shop run

Medium café latte (16 ounces) made with whole milk


Small café latte (12 ounces) made with fat-free milk


Lunchtime combo meal

20-oz. bottle of nondiet cola with your  lunch


Bottle of water or diet soda


Afternoon break

Sweetened lemon iced tea from the vending machine (16 ounces)


Sparkling water with natural lemon flavor (not sweetened)



A glass of red wine with your meal (6 ounces)


Water with a slice of lemon or lime, or seltzer water with a splash of 100% fruit juice

0 calories for the water with fruit slice, or about 30 calories for seltzer water with 2 ounces of 100% orange juice.

Total beverage calories:





(USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference) 

Water is the best choice to consume during the day. It not only regulates your body temperature, but it also cushions and lubricates your joints and flushes out impurities that build up in your body. Here are some guidelines depending on how much you weigh in relation to how much water you need.

    • 100 - 120-lbs - 1.3-L to 1.6-L
    • 121 - 140-lbs - 1.6-L to 1.9-L
    • 141-160-lbs - 1.9-L to 2.1-L
    • 161-180-lbs - 2.1-L to 2.4-L

If you prefer ounces, just remember 1-liter is 33-ounces.

Dump unnecessary sugary drinks and grab some hydrating H2O. We promise your body, skin, and diet will thank you!