Looking to lose the baby weight in a fast an healthy way? No problem! We summed up whattoexpect.com's 4 easy tips to help you lose the baby weight.

1) Set a Realistic Goal- Sounds simple but having a realistic goal in mind like 1 pound of week, will keep you on track with out frustrating you to lose it all at once in an unhealthy way. 

2) Stay Active- Falling in love with a workout routine will be your number one ally in your weight loss process! Be sure to try out all the amazing class options WiO has to offer and make your workout your time for you!

3) Team up- Nothing better than having a partner when embarking on a weight loss journey! Teaming up with a friend will serve as extra motivation and help you reach your goal.

4) Think Positive- A good attitude is everything! Any weight loss journey is a process and if you keep positive during that process you will sure to reach your goal and feel fabulous the whole time getting there!