Hi WiO Women, Heather here! This summer will mark my two year anniversary with Work it Out and I have been able to fall more in love with what I do for the company and all of you. Leading a balanced lifestyle that includes healthy eating and fitness is a major part of who I am and I believe that having structure, good habits, and a specific focuses brings out your very best!

While many of you have probably seen me in the studio teaching and chatting about your upcoming life events, the progress you have made in classes, or even what new lulu purchase you’ve recently made, that’s not all that I do! I’ve been busy on something else!

As I became more involved at the company, I've started to work closely with our WiO ‘behind the scenes’ team to create more unity for staff, elevate classes, and more. My role has evolved and now I have another role here besides teaching, yes it's true - welcome to a new blog series, "Heather - The Know it All!

This blog series was created based on the fact that I love the fitness industry and learning, and I am never shy at explaining form, theories or my own personal thoughts. Most of you who take classes of mine know this about me, no detail is too small. You’ll hear that same voice as I share with you how to get the most of WiO, our classes and your workouts.

Look forward to seeing my upcoming posts. A few sample topics will include, “Benefits of Class Variety,” “Instructor Points of View,” “FORM DO's & DONT'S,” “Blended Tips,” and much much more!

I encourage you to leave comments, ask questions - I would love to hear from you!

xx Heather, Little Miss KiA