With every new year, we create new goals, new dreams...and wish for new ways to challenge ourselves! Well, wishes do come true because we have a challenge for you - Can you challenge yourself to take 25 classes for the entire month of January? Starting Friday, January 2nd we challenge you to attend 25 classes till the end of the month. Jump start your class count and sign-up for our Lean in '15 Burn with Kaley on Sunday, January 4th. This Burn will count at TWO classes!

How it works?

  • Sign-up on MINDBODY on our Burn tab, you'll see the Leap into '15 Roster or call our studio (201.222.0802) by January 4, 2015! (you will not be charged, don't worry)

  • Use your current class pack, or purchase a new class pack for yourself!

  • Plan your classes for the month to make sure you reach the challenge goal of 25 classes

    • Note: You cannot take more than two classes a day

  • At the end of January, our team will tally up your attendance. If you succeed you will be rewarded with 10% off a 10-, 20-, 50-Class Pack!

Why participate?

We are firm believers that consistency and commitment makes and shapes your physical and emotional well-being. The variety of classes we offer will keep your workout routine fresh and definitely help you avoid plateaus…Here's how: take it a notch up in Sweata Weatha or (B) High Speed; increase flexibility, muscle length and balance in Candybarre; bring out your inner dancer in Hip To The Hop; and get your cardio fix with our famous Ride classes....And let’s not forget you can get a perfect mix of toning and ride in our exclusive Blended Rides at River.

Nix your resolutions, stick to a routine, commit to new classes and discover new ways to empower yourself through fitness! Join the challenge, even grab your bestie and commit to a stronger you with each class! Leap into 2015 with us! #WiOWithUs