Last week we completed our fifth week of the Tighter in Twenty(13) program. It's safe to say that there are a lot of changes developing in each of us women. Some are physical changes and some go beyond what the eye can see.  

Our Tighter in Twenty(13) program has not only become the time when we get a great sweat on Wednesday nights, but it has also developed into an exploration of the relationship with our minds and our bodies. Each week before we get our massive sweat in we discuss as a group the awareness we have been experiencing throughout the week. It is incredible  to hear a group of women be so candid about their struggles and their discoveries.

So far my within my own journey I have become more aware of my own relationship with food and how certain foods make me feel after I eat them.  I also have found myself more motivated to kick my behind in class! I now wear the wrist weights in all of my own Zumba Love classes, and also am sure to get to a body sculpting class like, Sweata Weatha at least once a week! 

Our group has developed a strong bond and this bond motivates us to push ourselves to be our best! After only five weeks I feel stronger, more aware of myself, and hungry for more.