This past Sunday Kara participated in her 4th Spartan Race in the Mountain Creek area of NJ. This was her first SUPER SPARTAN which means it has double the mileage on the course. She describes the course as a 9.5 mile mud run style course that included running up hills, crawling under barbed wire, tire flips, dragging cement blocks, running with sand bags, swimming through a lake and much much more !  The tagline for Spartan is "you will know at the finish line,"  and Kara explains this as completely true,"there is an awesome endorphin rush to start and finish this course," she says.

Last year, Kara got her brother on the Spartan Race bandwagon buy buying him an entry fee for his 40th B-Day!  He loved it and now it has become an awesome experience for them to do together! Kara admits they are both "addicted" and look forward to signing up for similar style races together in the future.

Kara recommends the race to anyone ready to go out of their  comfort zone and challenge themself.  Hoboken will be hosting its own version of a citywide obstacle on October 5th if you want to check it out!
We are so proud of your Kara and are loving the WiO duffle bag representing with you at the Finish Line!