Tell us about the fitness convention you went to?  I attended a continuing education seminar in Philidelphia, PA hosted by the American Council of Exercise, a premier organization in the fitness industry. The group was intimate, only 15 participants, which allowed for more one-on-one time and interaction. The seminar consisted of a refresher of exercise and fitness basics.  We went over how to teach and execute proper form and were taught new creative ideas for clients. We did 90 minutes of exercise together and it was a creative flow of ideas from other fitness professionals from allover the east coast.
What did you find challenging? As an instructor, staying on your toes with the latest trends is a must! But you also have to remember the basics. The course itself was a refresher and I needed it to jog the memory. The true challenge is taking all of this knowledge and applying it to the studio. Every instructor at WiO, myself included, ensures that clients are reaching their maximum potential in class. Keeping the workouts fresh, and most importantly FUN will help clients look forward to class. I know clents struggle with making time for exercise, and I want it to come as naturally as eating and sleeping, and a way of life! This seminar reminded me about the basic joys of fitness!
Where were you at your strongest? I  was not shy starting up a conversation between other instructors to share ideas.
What are some of you favorite new exercises that you have added in your classes?
1) Partner Rainbow toss with the mediball squat, this works on coordination, quads, arms, and balance as it can be done on a single leg.
2) Inch-worm walk to pushup, which I make clients do this across the length of the room to work hamstrings, chest, arms, and abs.
What piece of advice have you learned that you can pass on to your WiO Clients!  It always feels good to learn! I have been in this industry for many years, and it is ever evolving and trending.  I can always promise to stay current and relevant!