When did you get married and where?
My husband, Arthur, and I got married on June 24, 2012 at The Atrium at the Curtis Center right in the heart of historic Center City Philadelphia.

How did you know your hubby was the one and how has life as a Newlywed been?
We met when we were 3 years old in preschool. We were in the same class up through third grade, but then went to separate elementary schools and high schools. Then during our Sophomore year of high school, I was the Manager for my high school's boys tennis team and Arthur was on the boy's tennis team for his high school. Coincidentally, our 2 schools were playing each other.  As I was writing down the scores, I noticed a familiar face standing in front of me waving.  Arthur had come over to introduce himself to me (not realizing we had already known each other). As it turns out, he did not recognize me after all those years, but knew my name right away once I told him it was me, his old preschool classmate. That day on the tennis courts was back in 2002, and we have been together ever since! The past year as a married couple has truly flown by, and we love every second of it keeping busy with our lives up here in Hoboken.
You mentioned you found a love for fitness post your wedding! How did that happen?
After all the wedding planning settled down, I started looking for a Hoboken studio that offers fun classes. I was always the type to get bored easily working out on my own, and then I read about WiO. I tried the Zumba and Ride classes, and instantly became hooked!  
When you think back on your big day now, what was the most magical part?
The entire day was completely magical. Leading up to it, I was so nervous about all the little details, but at the end of all the planning the stars truly did align for us. I planned on doing most of our pictures outside, which was a complete gamble with the weather.  Since I have very curly hair, I had no idea how my hair would hold up if it was too humid of a day.  It ended up being a beautiful 80 degrees with hardly any humidity, and I got all the pictures in historic Philly that I had been envisioning throughout the planning.   Also, we both have very big families that used our wedding as a sort of family reunion.  Seeing it all come together and to have all our family and friends there from across the country made us both feel so special.
Advice for newly engaged WiO Brides?
Don't sweat the small stuff! I know it is easier said than done, but there is too much involved to worry about every tiny detail. Have fun with all the little details instead of stressing. The wedding day itself is such a whirlwind, so enjoy every second and everything will fall into place.