I’ll be the first to admit that I love shopping and it’s my happy pill. Not just because of the idea of getting something new, but to me it’s an easy outlet for creativity, a way to clear my head, and find inspiration.

Filling your arms with potential closet filling treasures, trying them on and scoring a great outfit or piece, can kind of be related to working out- most of the time both things take patience, time, and effort and the end result is that you feel good. Whether it be wearing those amazing shoes (that might even hurt after a few hours out on the town)  or noticing the change in your stamina, strength and physical body from working out- it’s a type of confidence that makes you feel beautiful.

I enjoy going shopping with friends, encouraging them to try on something they might not typically pick for themselves and watching them discover that the lines of style can be influenced with a different set of eyes.  I spent an hour with Go Mommy fanatic and  “Dear Hannah” devoted shopper, Sheillah Dallara. 

We were on a mission to find a complete look for a fitness, fashion and mom inspired article I did for Hoboken Digest, and we had a blast trying on different pieces and pairing them with the plethora of accessories “Dear Hannah” has to complete a look on a budget friendly wallet. 

Hope you all are having an easy and fun time expanding your fall wardrobes and maintaining the work out regime you worked so hard at during the last few months, keep it up!