Nearly 9-months ago we opened the doors to our River Street Studio. We introduced you to a new style of fitness that married our original Work it Out classes with our always popular Ride. Now this Summer we unveiled the Treehouse, a private pop-up yoga studio. While this private space will be a part of our WiO Community until the end of October, it is more than just a new offering for each of you, it is an experience, and we want each of you to take advantage of this experience while it is available.

Sneak Peek into the Treehouse

We always want to bring together the most enjoyable parts of being a vibrant, active woman into our studios, and the Treehouse does just that. Our 60-minute Rock n' Ohm yoga class is our take on an active flow vinyasa. Then we have brought together a variety of our favorite things including, shopping that you can find in our showroom, indulging in healthy treats which are available to you complimentary each week, and relaxation in the sun on our private deck. Check out photos from our sneak peek week where we hosted a sample Rock n' Ohm class and tastes of our elixirs and salads.

How to Use the Treehouse

Each client is unique, so we wanted to take each of your schedules and fitness habits into account. If you are on a membership and want to incorporate the Treehouse to your Work it Out world, just do it! For $99/month it will allow you to receive 1-Rock n' Ohm class per day for the month. It's your choice to continue each month. This option will be available through October. If you work out with us on class packages or single class purchases, you can grab a 10-class package ($200) that will not expire until the end of the Treehouse, come 10/31, or purchase a single Rock n' Ohm class ($24) when you are in the need for some zen. All of our 9:30am Rock n' Ohm classes offer child care. Standard pricing and studio policies apply.

Our class times have been built around our current studio schedules and your busy day. You can find an early morning Rock n' Ohm class on Thursdays at 7:30am, weekday evening classes starting at either 5:45pm or 6:30pm and running up until 8:00pm, along with mid-afternoon classes and an early evening Friday class (a last minute OHM before the weekend!). Visit MindBody for all the details and sign-up for a class that works for you. Our late cancel policy applies for all the Treehouse experiences, remember to cancel 4-hours in advance if you cannot make it to your scheduled class.

If you need more information about what makes the Treehouse different, check out our recent blog post that will explain it all and give you background on all of our instructors. We also offer you a few convincing reasons why you need to try yoga, just click here and let us know what you think.

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