All the major fitness magazines are talking about, studios in New York City and Los Angeles are claiming they are starting a trend, so what is the hype about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)?

Well, we know a thing or two about it, because we’ve been ahead of the fitness trend since the Tighter In Twenty(13) Challenge and our latest creation at River, Blended High Speed! HIIT is also one of Heather's favorite workouts, which was the impetus for us to create and design the Blended High Speed class!

So first things first:

The premise of interval training is simple: When you vary your effort by mixing periods of high and low intensity during your workout, your fitness will improve faster and more dramatically. Think about it like this, 45-minutes of an HIIT workout, is like a 90-minute regular workout! Who doesn't like more bang for their buck, right?!

How is HIIT different from other forms of interval training?

HIIT intervals involve maximum effort, not just trying to maintain a higher heart rate throughout. Because HIIT is so physically demanding, this form of exercise will fire up your metabolism during and after your workout, referred to as the ‘afterburn.’ Afterburn can lead to metabolism boosts for up to 48-hours after a completed workout! Fascinating, right?

Why bother with all these intervals you ask?

HIIT is one of the best ways to challenge yourself and take your fitness to the next level. Our Blended High Speed class is based on the core principles of HIIT: alternating bike and floor segments that are broken into eight rounds of :20 seconds of maximum work and :10 seconds of rest. Sounds easy, but these difficult repetitive rounds will challenge you physically while building mental toughness and a deeper mind-body connection with each breath.

So join us as we rock this trend in Blended High Speed offered at River on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:15pm with Heather and coming soon to early mornings too! It is a fast-paced, high-energy, intense, and most importantly, another FUN way to WiO with us!