We are with you every season, but somehow there’s something about Fall that has us craving our routine again! To help measure success and commitment this season (and always!), I want to share a few hot talking points that will help with your workout regimen and hopefully give that little extra boost of motivation as you get back into the swing of things, (that’s if you took a little time off this Summer!)#1: VARIETY Let’s start off with our signature classes, at Willow: Dance / Core Fusion, Ride and Toning, along with our entire Blended schedule at River gives you nothing BUT variety! Your body should never be allowed to accommodate to an exercise. Muscle confusion works best for breaking through plateaus.

Secondly, let’s take a peek at our schedule. Whether you are an early riser, one of our Go Mommys, or prefer the midday or late night classes, we have it covered. We offer so many class time varieties to fit into your busy schedules all week long! And with TWO locations, you should have no problem securing a spot in class.

Integrating variety also improves motivation, keeps one mentally fresh and allows muscles to continually adapt -- you WILL see and feel results in your mind and body!

I encourage you to try a new class and switch it up. What classes do you take weekly? How do you take advantage of all the different classes we offer?

#2: CONSISTENCY You made it down the Shore every single weekend this Summer, right? Well that’s consistency! So now, let’s talk about how we find consistency with our workout routines. Some enjoy the three times a week convention, but I’d actually say four to even six days a week wins! If you workout three times a week, the four days off win. The more you make your workouts a habit, the more you will crave the good feelings, the more you will stick to your routine. Just like if you wanted to learn a new language, you can’t study once every two weeks...you have to study a few days, take one off maybe, then back at it for a few days!

#3: INTENSITY This is an interesting one - intensity is measured by YOU. You have to push yourself that little extra inch every class! No, you don’t have to push to the point of making yourself sick, but you have to be open to pushing yourself slightly outside your comfort zone. If something feels easy, you have to pay attention on how you can make it harder - whether it’s squat jumps in Next Stop; Skinny or a hill climb in Ride, you want to strive to work at your 100% effort. Keep in mind, exercise stresses the systems of the body, which then requires recovery time to heal and become stronger than when you started. If you are performing 2-a-days then perhaps your first workout sesh is a Ride class and the other is a Dance, Candybarre or Toning class. Doubling up on your workouts with a morning and afternoon session can take results to the next level - if you use the right approach. Changing intensities is just as important as the actual intensity during your workout. Make sense?

To add an additional layer to these hot talking points, WiO supports VARIETY, CONSISTENCY and INTENSITY offering many different styled classes, our ability to be with you every step of your health and fitness journey daily, and our motivating instructors always asking you to give 110% each class.

And, it’s not hard to see how these three keys to success will serve you after class -- being honest about what your “best” really is and pushing a tad further each time will serve your emotional well-being, relationships and career. Feeling your best will help you put your best YOU out to the universe.

Get to it, sign up for your classes today!

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xx, Heather Little Miss KiA