You're probably used to seeing Vanessa bouncing around, long-braid whipping the air during a Zumba class -- but what's this you hear of her teaching Next Stop; Skinny and Sweata Weatha?! That's right -- this chick means business! She's way more than just a Zumba girl -- She's a total fitness fanatic! Check her out... When did you start teaching in fitness industry? I started teaching in the fitness industry when I was in college at East Stroudsburg University and haven't stopped since.

What certifications do you have? I currently have my AFAA personal training certificate, Zumba certificate, and I'm in the process of receiving my Mad Dogg Spinning certification and Crossfit Level 1 Certification. In January, I also plan on going to get my USAW certificate which is an Olympic Lifting Certification.

It sounds like you teach a lot of different styles -- What attracts you to each? I love being able to consider myself a jack of all trades. I've always loved music and dancing, so Zumba gives me the passage to be as creative as possible in my classes. As for weight training, I believe that when you are physically stronger, you are also mentally and emotionally stronger. I love being able to help women realize that when they start to lift weights. It's empowering, addicting, and so satisfying to see clients embrace that!

How does your passion for fitness blend into your everyday life? It sounds cliché but fitness is just who I am. I follow my own work out program that consists of Olympic Lifting and HIIT classes and I teach multiple styles of classes throughout the week. Aside from that, I recently quit my full time job to pursue my love for fitness and I'm working on starting my own Health and Wellness company called bachata & barbells. When I'm not in the gym or teaching, I'm working on keeping up with my blog about fitness, programming for clients and friends, or running my Pitbull puppy around to keep her as active as I am.

Did we hear something about a Crossfit competition?! I did my first Crossfit style competition in March and absolutely loved it. It was a 3 person team style competition and my team and I did so much better than expected. It made me realize how much stronger I can be when I have a good support system cheering me on and when I get myself in the zone. I plan on competing in my first individual competition in November which consists of three work outs that are personally the toughest for me, but I want to prove to myself that if I work hard enough I can do them.

Be sure to catch Vanessa's Sweata Weatha class at 8:15pm on Wednesdays and her Next Stop; Skinny class every Thursday at 6:20pm.