We've done it!

It's taken a lot of convincing, but the mission is complete. We are officially offering a killer Groupon deal for new members at our River studio! We've laid out a fool proof way to take advantage of it and set your fitness free! To our existing WiO member this is the perfect time to grab your best bud and make them a WiO devotee just like you! 

If you are a WiO newbie - this deal is for you!

We are fierce community and are always looking for more ladies to rule the work out world with. A WiO newbie is someone who is brand new to Work it Out or has not taken class in 6 months. If you are thinking about purchasing and are on the fence, here's our pitch to convince you:

WiO is awesome. We pride ourselves on being the safe haven for fitness in Hoboken. We have beautiful, clean studios with hip vibes and are always doing our best to stay on top of the hottest fitness trends. Our staff is knowledgeable, friendly and welcoming.  So if you haven't snagged this deal yet, what are you waiting for? Here's three easy steps to getting it done!

Step #1: Purchasing the deal - This deal is specifically for our River location and it includes: 10 River Classes for $85, plus 1 complimentary Willow Class. You can visit Groupon until Sunday, 3/23 to purchase or give us a ring in the studio - 201.222.0802 or 201.710.5458.

Step #2: Redeeming the voucher - Email us at info@workitoutgym.com with your name and voucher #. Upon redeeming you will receive detailed information on expiration date of the class pack, class scheduling, cancellations, attire and studio policies. All 11 classes must be used by 6/15/14. All regular studio policies apply (non-refundable, non-transferrable, late cancels, etc.). No exceptions.

Step #3: Scheduling classes - Our schedule goes up weekly on Mondays at 12pm for the following week. If you are wait listed - don't fret! Our class numbers move around all week long, giving you the opportunity to get in to your desired class! Be sure to also get familiar with our studio policies to get the most out of your classes!

If you are an existing WiO member:

While this deal does not apply to you, this is a great way for us to pump up the energy at River and continue to keep giving you the best classes we possibly can. Be on the look out for new classes and times, new bikes and spring/summer sales. Help us spread the good word and we hope to see everybody (plus some new faces) in the studio soon.