Check out this week's Grocery Grab, Macro Sushi. Lisa found this perfect lunch option at Basic Health Food Store in downtown Hoboken! 
Macro Sushi is vegan, wheat free, all natural. It's a single serving portion size and only carries 280 calories. What is even better is that there is only 250-mg of Sodium (regular sushi rolls have at a minimum of 600-mg of sodium for something like a California Roll and it can go as high as 1152-mg for a Tempura Roll). The daily allowance for sodium is only 2,400-mg.
More good news about this is that there is only 57-g of carbohydrates - a perfect amount of carbs for a meal (1/3 your daily serving of carbs), plus you get 9-g of Protein because it includes organic tofu, kale, carrots and more!
And now, here is the cost $3.99 for 6-pieces!! Pair it with a piece of fruit or yogurt or small salad and you have a fabulous lunch.