Grocery Grabs is our fabulous new addition to our ever-evolving blog page!  Each week we will highlight a healthy grocery must-have that is either in season, on sale or a delicious and healthy find here in Hoboken.
First up, Cucumbers.  Yes, we know they aren't that unique, but they are a great multitasking, long lasting veggie you just cant pass it up. This week A&P has cucumbers on sale, 4 for $3 - that's .75-cents a cuc!! 
How to use cucumbers:
  • Infuse them in your water. They are a naturally hydrating vegetable, and after an intense WiO workout this addition will help you replenish and have a hint of flavor
    • Tip: Takes 2-hours to fully infuse with flavor
  • Want a fun way to cut back on breads and wraps? Create a cucumber sandwich by coring out the middle. Pinterest has some great images for inspiration 
  • Go simple and just add a crunch to a salad to get a great texture
Why we love cucumbers:
  • Naturally hydrating – perfect for after a workout
  • High in Vitamin A, C, K and Potassium
  • 1/2 cup - only 8 - calories!