We all suffer from the craving monster! You know that extremely loud voice in your head that says, "I want cookie... NOW."  It is a hard battle to fight but here are stop helpful tricks to stop cravings in their tracks!

1) Treat yourself to something else satisfying like a manicure/pedicure or massage -  Instead of reaching for the cookie go for the new polish or a nice rub down.  You will forget your even wanted the cookie once you are in relaxation mode.

2) THINK FIRST - Before you put the cookie up to your mouth ask yourself, "how am I going to feel after I eat this cookie?" Of course the cookie is going to feel awesome going down but how are you going to physically and mentally feel 30 minutes after you eat it?  If you know it won't make you feel great, say to yourself, I can have this cookie but I don't want it. You will feel super empowered and in control of yourself!

3) Modify - If you have a craving for a delicious cookie, why not try a modified healthy recipe! There are a ton of ridicuoulsy awesome recipe modifications out there! Some are so good you won't even want the real thing again. Plus, when you cook or bake your own food you will appreciate what your eating more because you worked to create it.

4) Drink Water - If you experience a pang of hunger or a craving and you recently ate your body is probably asking for a big glass of water! Before indulging, hit the water cooler and wait it out!  If you are still hungry, then go ahead and grab a healthy snack.

5) Go for it - Once and awhile, it is completely healthy to listen to your cravings.  There is nothing wrong with a little splurge here or there, especially if you are putting good healthy food in most of the time. In fact, allowing yourself a treat on occasion will help quiet the craving monster from coming out more often than it should.  You can even go with the Rule of 1 - take one bite and go do something for 30-minutes and if you're still hungry or craving, indulge. 99% of the time you won't want it.