You've seen them running around town and in-and-out of your classes, but what are our Go Mommies really up to?! We talked to two familiar faces of WiO -- Sharyn Angley & Sheillah Dallara -- about how they are each giving back to our little Hoboken community. Read on!

How long have you been taking WiO's Go Mommy classes? I started taking WiO's Go Mommy classes in the beginning of 2013. My good friend Joyce had started going to class a few months prior and treated me to a class. I have been hooked ever since!

Who are you the "Go Mommy" of? I am the "Go Mommy" to my 3 boys, Miles (7), Gage (5), and Brant (2). While I frequent WiO with only Brant most of the time, Miles and Gage both love coming on school holidays and summer break. They are all very big fans of Miss Stephanie!

How are you involved with Hoboken's ever-growing community? I have lived in Hoboken since 2002 and while I have watched Hoboken change over time, my life has transformed as well. Initially living here as a newlywed without children and working in the financial industry, children were far and few between. That has all changed with strollers everywhere we turn, including my own. Since my sons have been of school age, I have been very active in their schools, volunteering in the classroom, organizing special events and chaperoning many field trips. We are members of Our Lady of Grace Church and are involved in Hoboken extracurricular activities, and athletics. My most recent endeavor is running for the Hoboken Board of Education on the Parents for Progressslate along with Antonio Gray and Monica Stromwall.

How is this related to your own passions/goals? My passion is my family and my community. I want my children to be the best that they can be and I want the best for my community. In this case, those two things go hand in hand. My 2 oldest children currently attend Wallace Elementary (Hoboken Public School) and we couldn't be happier! They are thriving and I am so thankful for the wonderful teachers and programs that we have in this district. I am passionate about spreading the word on all of the positive things going on in our schools and sharing my own personal experiences with others in the community. It is so important for our community to work together for the future of our children. In the past, many residents felt they had to leave Hoboken when their children reached a certain age because of the schools. Keeping these families in town is great for the community. We have fabulous educational options in Hoboken whether a parent chooses district, charter, or private schools for their elementary aged children. Ideally, all of those kids then feed into our high school, so working together now to make that a reality is important to me. Hoboken is such a great place and one of my goals is to make our school district a reason people want to stay. My decision to run for the Board of Education was based on my professional background, the love for my children and the desire for Hoboken to thrive. I have my CPA and worked in the Accounting/Finance industry for 14 years. I think bringing that skill set to the Board of Education could be a very positive thing. In addition, I have teamed up with 2 other district parents (Antonio and Monica) who not only want the best for their own children but the best for all of the children in Hoboken. We are simply parents with professional backgrounds willing to volunteer our time for the benefit of the kids.


How long have you been taking WiO's Go Mommy classes? I started coming to Go Mommy when the studio first opened it's doors! At the time I had just given birth to my second and I was in desperate need of getting back into shape and losing the baby weight. Go Mommy offered everything I wanted, a beautiful day care for both of my kids so that I could work out in peace, and killer classes to help me get back into my pre-baby weight!

Who are you the "Go Mommy" of? I am the Go Mommy to Alexander (4), also known as Zander on the playground, and he is the happiest and funniest kid. And my youngest, my mini me, Felicity (3), or as everyone calls her "FiFi." She is the sassiest and sweetest little girl.

How are you involved with Hoboken's ever-growing community? My youngest started school this past September (Wallace Elementary, Go Wildcats!), and I knew that this was my time to become more involved with my kids' school, and our community. This year I became the Event Coordinator for Hoboken Family Alliance(HFA).  The HFA hosts a lot of big events around our town, some of which include, Cabin Fever, Mutz Fest, All Schools Open House and many more.  Throughout the years of living in Hoboken, my family and I have always attended all of these events, and to have the oppurtunity to plan and host them in the upcoming years, is exactly what I invisioned myself doing.

In addition to becoming a part of of the HFA board, I have also joined the Hoboken Rotary Club. The Rotary Club of Hoboken was founded in 1921 and is part of the world wide service organization known as, Rotary International. Rotary is credited as the world's first service organization, and it occupies the only non governmental seat at the United Nations. The seat is non-voting, but it recognizes the importance of the Rotary, with its international members and contacts once being fundamental to international communications. Rotary Club of Hoboken is involved in bettering our community through community service, scholarship programs and popular events throughout the year.

And last but certainly not least, my biggest project, and the one that's closest to my heart, is working with Wallace Elementary again and being their number one fundraisier for their Applied Behvioral Analysis (ABA) program.  This year my goal is to be able to raise enough money for the entire ABA program throughout Wallace Elementary, and I'm so lucky to have Work it Out partner up with us again and help me reach this goal. In addition to fundraising for ABA, I'm also involved with the Special Education Parents Advisory Committee (SEPAC), our mission is to be a group of parents and educators who will work for the respect, understanding, and support of all children with special needs. We want to provide families with support they need, provide a series of educational meetings on topics of interest for families of students who received special education and/or educational support services and so much more.

How is this related to your own passions/goals? At the end of the day, everything I do I do it for our community, our town and our kids. This is what drives me, what inspires me to become more involved in our amazing town. We are Hoboken for life, are you?