The birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and you are getting ready to bask in the sun. So while nature is dusting off it's glorious self, so should you! 

Spring is the perfect time to reset and refocus, just like you do after a super intense hill in one of our Ride classes! The big question is where to begin. 
While some of us choose to spring clean our closets, at Work it Out, we like to give our kitchen a little cleanse! You will be surprised after multiple snow storms and polar vortexes, how much comfort foods you can acquire.
If you makeover the below three places in your kitchen, we promise you'll be walking with an extra pep in your step as you stroll down Washington Street! If you read through and realize you have more questions, want recipes or anything else, leave a comment and we'll get back to you!
The Fridge:
Stop drinking your calories!
  • Toss juices, iced teas, and sodas (you can keep a bottle of wine, we all need a vice once in awhile). These drink choices are full of wasted calories and sugars that provide no nutritional benefit. We recommend keeping milk, almond milk, or soy milk, as they are great options for calcium, vitamin D, among other things and a perfect addition to a smoothie or oatmeal.


Use your produce drawers!

  • No they are not there to keep random condiments in, they are there to keep beautiful, colorful fruits and vegetables. Our top items that last for a week and are very versatile include: 
    • Kale - make a salad, add to a smoothie, or sautee for a dinner side dish. If you are a vegetarian, it is an amazing source of calcium and also provides antioxidant rich and cancer fighting, vitamin A, C, and K, along with potassium, which helps you recovery after a long workout
    • Apples - perfect grab and go snack and source of fiber, and if you are in need of a 'dessert," make a mock apple pie for under 300-calories - cut up the apple and bake with some cinnamon for 10-minutes at 375 (covered), pair it with three graham crackers
    • Asparagus - tis' the season for this veggie! You can bake, steam, sautee these lean, mean low calorie stalks. They are naturally anti-inflammatory and offer great antioxidants through Vitamin E, C and beta-carontene
Organize your shelf
  • First shelf should include the most healthy and important items, because they are at eye sight and the first thing you see. Items could include: steel cut oats, multivitamins, herbal teas, powerful grains like faro, quinoa, barley and dried beans like lentils
  • Second shelf place for more of your snack foods. Whole grain crackers, granola bars, or canned items.
  • Third shelf should be the most tempting items in your kitchen, maybe its pasta that you can incorporate into a meal once or twice a week, baking items like sugars and vanilla flavoring
Your Counter:
Display fruits in a beautiful bowl
  • Who doesn't like HomeGoods! Grab yourself a nice bowl to place on your counter. Instead of dropped bills, mail, keys and other stressful items,  display a beautiful assortment of lemons, to add to warm water in the morning to detoxify, or bananas that you can grab as you walk out the door, to jump start your metabolism.
Jars of Healthy Snacks
  • While you are at HomeGoods picking up a fruit bowl, grab some jars with portion controlled spoons (1-scoop to equal a 1/2-c). Fill the jars with dried cranberries, raw almonds, flaxseed. All of which you can mix together in oatmeal or plain low-fat yogurt, or enjoy separately.

We'll have more fun tips and brand new programs for you focused all around wellness, stay tuned and keep your eyes and ears peeled!