Tell us a little bit about yourself. Were you always active? How did you get involved in the fitness world? I grew up in Cleveland, Ohio and went to college at Ohio Wesleyan University. I studied Psychology and Geography in school and played women’s Lacrosse all four years. With two older siblings and too much energy, I’ve been known to joke around quite a bit and have a knack for distracting others. Sports were always a main focus of mine, playing soccer, tennis, lacrosse, track and loving all of it!  This mentality definitely has its pros and cons, but by the time I went to college I knew I needed to buckle down and become more serious and more focused. 

I learned a lot about my work ethic and strengths in college and chose my major based on pure interest and excitement. My job path was fairly similar and the 'go with your gut' method has helped me succeed. After school, I started working for a company in Boston and had little interest in the field. I know I needed change. Without set plans, I decided to quit my job in late February. My parents were not thrilled with this decision, to say the least,  but it all worked out. The day I gave my two weeks notice,  I was offered the Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach position back at OWU (from March 15th - May15th). I packed my bags. 

Coaching allowed me to realize my true passion and I'm so greatly for that opportunity. I loved being on my feet, interacting with people everyday and helping them towards personal goals. My path was pretty structured there on. After moving to NYC that June, I obtained certifications in Personal Training, Pilates, Spinning and continued to coach high school sports at The Dalton School in the Upper East Side. Its been 4 years since then and I've love it ever since! 

You just recently moved to Hoboken, what made you move here? What do you love about it so far? My boyfriend and I moved in together and we were deciding between NYC and Hoboken. I've lived in the city and he's been in Hoboken. We flipped a coin; I lost.  No, just kidding. I loved Hoboken! It's fresh, fun and lively. We have a lot of friends and family here as well; the decision was a easy. 

What do you do to unwind after a stressful day? It depends on the stressful level and late it is in the evening.  Besides working out, I love to draw, cook, play darts and read.  They all help me unwind, but if my day was extremely stressful then I just try not to judge myself for being completely unmotivated. I have a glass of wine or take my butt to the nail salon (with a 15 minute massage). 

Life motto you have or any advice you have for other WiO Working Gals. I don't really have a life motto. I think the best advice, I've been given and use is to learn about yourself and what makes you most happy. Kind of like the last blog question, knowing what helps you unwind. Know what kind of workouts you enjoy best, what food is your favorite, what helps you relax and so on. That way, when life gets sticky or hard, you have great tools in your back pocket to ease most situations and to help comfort you. Also, smiling helps :) With that mentality, the glass is generally half-full.