From loyal WiO member, to rock star ride instructor, tolululemon employee - Meet Michelle Falcone. It’s 7:45am on a Wednesday in Hoboken and I’m heading to the downtown Starbucks for my first coffee of the day. Just about prime commuting time and here’s what I see: herds of young professionals without a smile to be found, heads down either looking at the ground or at their iPhones, making the dreaded walk to the PATH train station to start their work days.

I thought, sh*t that used to be me…and not too long ago.

If you were to tell me 1 year ago today I would be working for lululemon and teaching classes at Work it Out, while looking at photos from my first fitness photo-shoot, and writing an article about an upcoming trip with over 100 international athletes and fitness instructors to Whistler...well first there would be silence, and then I would say that can’t be possible, but it all sounds really great…where do I sign up?

Last May I was hired at lululemon as the HR Partner for the Northeast USA stores. My work day consists of supporting our best assets – the people. So much of what I do on a daily basis at lulu floats right on over to my job as an instructor here at Work it Out. This is where I can really let loose, is teaching Riding Highand Blended style classes. You can find me instructing Tuesday nights at 7:20 pm, along with Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 6:00am. Unlike most, Tuesday is my favorite day of the week, this is when my best friends and sister come to class on the regular and we literally straight up party on the bike for 50 minutes. It's the most amazing way to end the work day.

No matter where I am working, lulu or Work it Out, my #1 goal is to motivate, provide support and develop those around me to the next level. My two jobs have helped me form the balance I’ve been looking for to create this beautiful, holistic life where my personal and professional passions blend together as one. When I say this is what I do for a living, people look at me like I have 10 heads – and I usually hear something like “holy crap that sounds amazing, how did you get so lucky?” No such thing as luck. I really don’t believe in that word. I do believe in hard work.

Every single person reading this has the power to create a life they love and it starts with setting some BIG goals. I have learned so many things in one short year at lululemon and instructing at Work it Out, but the most valuable lessons has been the power of goal setting. I stated that by November 2017 I would go on my first (real) hike when I was in Canada for a work trip. Two years earlier than expected, I recently found out that 10 corporate lululemon employees were selected to attend our bi-annual Ambassador Summit…and I was one of them! As you may be aware ambassadors at lulu are selected because they are inspirational athletes and instructors in their respective communities. Without the blending of my personal and professional passions, my selection as an ambassador may have never been able to come to fruition.

The summit, hosted in Whistler, Canada, will take place over four days and three nights at the end of April, with only a select group of ambassadors chosen to attend. There will be a lot of sweating (yoga, running, hiking), meditation, personal and professional development and fun nightlife! I am beyond thrilled, especially because all I hear a lulu is about how magical Whistler is. This is truly the example of the biggest shift in my life since working for lululemon, knowing there is possibility in everything we do, everything we say and everything we want to be. If I can leave you with one action, or a few, this is what I hope...

First, a question - What are five of your 1 year goals you have in these three areas of your life: Personal, Career, Fitness? Now do the same exercise for 5 year goals…and again for 10 years.

We all have goals we mindfully set, yet they can get pushed back a few days, weeks, years and then they just don’t happen. The most important thing about a goal is your “by when” date. When can you hold yourself accountable to crushing these goals?  Enroll those most important to you in these goals so they can hold you accountable too. Once you have all these audacious goals floating around in your mind, get a pen and paper and WRITE THEM DOWN, hang that piece of paper right next to your desk, bedside, kitchen table, wherever you are forced to look every day. That is how you make $h!t happen!

I am beyond honored and so grateful to be a part of this life-changing experience as a lululemon ambassador. I will be sure to take tons of pictures and capture all the inspiration I soak up for you when I return! In the meantime, start thinking of those goals you want to get after. Until next time - Michelle