The holidays are over and winter is ending soon, it's time to reset and restart. Free yourself from all the indulgences with our first ever-personalized 3-Day Winter D.I.Y. Detox. This detox is just as much about cleansing your soul, as it is about taking what you learn through this customized process and applying it in your everyday. You'll find freedom by removing gluten, dairy, meat, high sugar fruits and vegetables and filling yourself with immune-boosting nutrients, fiber, antioxidants, and more!

We meticulously removed all the unnecessaries for a perfectly crafted 3-Day Detox with a few options to boot! You'll receive: 3-days of breakfast, lunch and dinner options, along with recommended snacks and drinks. Plus a simple shopping list with recommended tips to keep on eating lean and clean! 

You can purchase Your Body. Your Detox on MindBody for $29.99. If you would like the food prepped for you, there is an additional $100 fee.

Once you have purchased, your personal nutritionist will be in touch with the next steps on your journey!

It's your body, and this is your detox! Another offering from the WiO Wellness Team!