Six years ago Work it Out was born out of a mission to take the mundane and robotic boredom out of workouts and set them free. It has evolved from a fitness studio to a brand encompassing more than just classes, but a community of strong, confident and passionate women that come together to not only sweat, but to bond. Now we want to take the Work it Out lifestyle to the next level. We are excited to welcome WiO Wellness, where the first and most important ingredient is you!

Similar to our classes, we've customized special wellness packages based on your evolution as a WiO Woman. Programs range from basic wellness analysis, meal plans and recipes, along with support and guidance. There's something for everyone - our Working Woman, Go Mommy's and more!

All offerings come with a 30-minute Exploration Session centered around a unique health and wellness questionnaire and analysis. You'll learn about areas you're excelling in and areas that need to be explored further. You’ll have a full assessment of your current wellness status from the basics of weight and BMI, all the way to how your lifestyle, including sleep patterns and stress can be improved.

Now, all you have to do is choose an offering that fits you!

Vitamin A-1-C This 45-minute session will walk you through your most recent bloodwork, which is the gateway to our wellbeing. You'll learn about key nutrients and vitamins that support your body's immune system, digestive functions, and more. At the end of the session you will have a customized guide to eating so you can feel good on the inside and outside. $100

Grab n' Go: 3 Day Detox Are you a busy bee? Don't let your nutrition suffer. Let us prep your meals and all you need to do is what you do best, grab 'em and stay on the go! The three day detox menu gives you a breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, pre-workout snack and dinner. Menus are built based on seasonal produce and availability and client's nutritional and caloric needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stay tuned for our Fall 2014 Menu. Space is limited. $185

Mission: Eat Clean, Live Well Strapped for time? This express option provides you with a 30-minute exploration session and a month long meal plan crafted to your nutrition and fitness goals. Includes two 30-minute virtual sessions that can be set-up based on your schedule. $250

Next Stop; Skinny²  You've done the class, now add the food! Work with us to carve out your nutrition pathway to shed nagging pounds, boost your energy and jumpstart your metabolism. Includes a 4-week menu of food options to help you attain your personal goals. This includes a 30-minute exploration session, and three 45-minute one-on-one meetings; expires in 2-months $350

Go Mommy-to-Be During your pregnancy, plan out your trimester with a special wellness plan and learn how to incorporate and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We'll work together to build a trimester focused nutrition plan with meal and snack suggestions, as well as other tips to keep you energized. Also, includes a 30-minute exploration session, and three 45-minute one-on-one meetings; expires in 2-months $375

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