Believe it or not Easter is this Sunday and there is nothing more exciting than a colorful Easter basket.  To help our WiO Moms prepare here's a quick how to for making the perfect healthy easter basket!  Your WiO Juniors will love this and they won't even realize it's healthy! Thanks to for some of these great ideas! 

1) Use High Quality/Organic Candy - What makes most Easter Baskets on the unhealthy side is the processed Easter candy that is being sold on the shelves! Instead of choosing pre-package candy, head to a local chocolate store like Lepore's,  and pick up a well-made dark chocolate bunny or organic Jelly Beans.

2) Make your own healthy baked treats - When you do your own baking you know exactly what your child is eating! Why not try this Vegan Peanut Butter Patty recipe for you basket?!

3) Use the Decorated Hard Boiled Eggs for Healthy Recipe - Show your children how not to be wasteful by taking their colorful Easter Eggs and turning them into a dish to be served at Dinner! Check out these great recipe options from

4) Add carrots - They are the Easter Bunny's favorite snack afterall!

5)  Fill basket with fun toys and bright colors - Instead of putting the emphasis of the basket about the sweets, fill basket will bright puzzles, silly putty, gardening tools, etc. This will get our children excited to get out there and play! Also, nothing like some fresh flowers to really make your basket pop!

Have fun and feel free to send pictures of your DIY Easter Baskets:)