She may have moved out of town, but she is still on the GO to our Go Mommy classes, meet our wonderful and dedicated WiO Mom, Emily Hills Lehr.

Tell us about your girls and a typical day in your life.
I have two girls.  Sophia is 5 and Phoebe is 2 1/2.  A typical day for us begins with an early start. We are early risers in the Lehr family.  Usually we are up by 6:30am and our day is off and running.  We always start with a healthy breakfast, which I think is important to start the day off right. I usually have at least one planned activity in the morning, whether it be a play date, shopping, errands, a playground adventure, a kid class or WiO Sophia has been in Brandt school for the past 2 years in the pre-school program, so the school year schedule is somewhat different than our summer schedule. Nap time for Phoebe is still pretty essential, so I am typically home between 12 - 3pm each day.  In the afternoons, we either have another class (like gymnastics at WiO), go to the park, or the girls play dolls and pretend together while I try my best to be a good "housewife" and clean up the house and prepare dinner. After dinner we take baths, read books and bedtime lands around 7:30 or 8pm.  I usually end up in bed by around 9:30 or 10pm and am asleep within minutes.

You used to be a Hoboken Mommy and have now moved to the burbs! How is that going?
Moving away to the burbs from Hoboken after 14 years was very hard for me to do. Leaving my home, my friends, the Hoboken community and WiO was tough to do, but I hope in the long run it will be a good decision for the family. My biggest joy thus far is just watching the girls feel free and happy and run around our front and backyard. We are also enjoying our front porch and listening to the crickets at night rather than the sounds of sirens, bars and garbage trucks. I do miss the sense of feeling a part of a community like Hoboken. Hoboken is such a special place and I hope I will be lucky enough to find what I had in Hoboken in Glen Rock.
What does getting in your own mommy workout mean to you?
WiO and the Go Mommy classes have really changed my life as a mom who loves to work out. Not only do I have an hour to myself and to work out, but I know my girls are actually having fun with Ms. Stephanie. I don't have any worries in that one hour and can enjoy some "me time" while staying fit and healthy. 
Something your children have taught you about life?
I try to remember every day that life goes by quickly and I shouldn't sweat the small stuff.  It is so easy to get caught up in a 3 year old tantrum and end up looking forward to a long day being over. I think my girls have taught me to be patient and understanding and try to enjoy the day for what it is. My girls have also taught me if I want the honest truth about the way I look in an outfit, just ask them. They will give it to me straight up with no filter.  I like the honest I appreciate their opinion. :)
Your favorite healthy meal to feed your kids that they love!
Trying to offer healthy meals to my 2 picky eaters is always a challenge. One of their favorite meals though is balsamic marinated grilled chicken with protein plus noodles.  It is amazing how much they will eat when they actually like it!
Any advice you have for other WiO Moms! 
My only advice for other WiO Moms is to just realize how lucky they are to be a part of a fitness studio like WiO. WiO is made up of a team of wonderful and caring instructors and also really amazing women who like to work out, be healthy and have fun while doing it. If only WiO could open their 3rd location in Bergen County....hint hint.