Many of you know our WiO Instructors as the friendly faces that give you the best workouts around! What you may not know is the lives they lead outside of the WiO Studio!  We kicked off this new feature with 24 hours in the life of Kelly and we are now giving you an inside peak into the life of our amazing Ride and NSS instructor, Heather! 

Since I am a full-time fitness professional, every weekday is a little different for me. I always make sure to get a workout in six days a week (day off is typically Sundays), to get plenty of sleep, and drink tons of water (with lemon sometimes!). Weekends however, look a little different. My recent free time has been spent planning my wedding, but normally we are traveling and spending time with family and friends. I do my best to balance my professional, social and personal life. It’s extremely important to me!

4:45-5:30/45am:  I love the morning! I’ll have water, a cup of coffee (I brew myself) & a banana, catch up on emails, watch the news and write notes to prepare for my clients / classes...depending on what I have first.

5:45am - 9:00am: I am usually working between these times. Whether I have my private clients or classes, I typically start my work day around 545/6a. I’ll train a few clients in a row, and I will make sure I have a small snack about an hour before my workout, (recently, I have been into  NuGo Free bars). If an early morning client cancels, I will take that time and workout out myself before my 7a & 8a clients.

9:00a: If I wasn’t able to workout yet, I always take my first morning opportunity to work out. This is ME time! I always make sure I have an hour or so to fit my workouts in daily. It’s a very important part of my day and makes me a better coach to all of my clients. If I have a client booked right after, I will make sure I pack my breakfast (oatmeal and a plant based protein shake) before I take on my next client.

10:30a: Another client is booked here a few days a week

11:30am - 3:00pm: I usually shower (haha!) and do errands, and a couple days a week I take a 12p yoga class. I then eat lunch (typically a homemade fruit & veggie protein smoothie), and catch up on emails and other work and/or personal things.  Also around 2:30/3:00pm, I will have a snack before dinner, (typically a piece of fruit, dry cereal, or nut mix & green tea).

5:00pm - 6:30pm: If I have an evening class, I will eat dinner around now, (typically veggies w/ quinoa and/or lentils). 99% of the time I will prepare all of my food for the day. I like to make extra so I have leftovers for the next couple of days. If I don’t have evening classes or commitments, then I may eat a little later. I love a piece of organic dark chocolate and decaf green tea at night too!

8:00pm - 9:30pm: I usually start wrapping up my day around this time...I’m lucky because my fiance gets up as early as I do so we both like to unwind early during the week. When I do get a chance to watch TV, who doesn’t love the latest reality show. Because I’m up so early, my DVR takes care of the late night episodes.