Here comes our next stunning WiO Bride, loyal WiOer...

Danielle Estremera LaMonica 
Danielle and Matt LaMonica on 7-20-13 

How did you meet your husband and how did you know he was the one?
Matt and I met the first day of freshman orientation at Lehigh University. We lived in the same dorm and quickly became good friends. That friendship lasted throughout college and we spent a good deal of time together through our mutual group of friends and neighboring sorority/fraternity houses. It wasn’t until our senior year that our relationship started becoming something more, which I think we were both in denial about. Once we graduated it was time to make a decision about where we were headed. We both really enjoyed where we were at so we kept it going, and have been inseparable ever since. Our friendship grew into the greatest love I could ever ask for.I knew he was the one when I realized how much fun we had together and that I always wanted to be around him. He loves me probably more than I deserve and he always makes me feel special, and that was something I never wanted to let go of.

What best quality does he bring out in you?
Matt challenges me in every way, and makes me a stronger, more independent person. Since we began dating, I have hiked the highest mountains in the Adirondacks, learned how to ski (now on some black diamonds!), and become a runner. He pushes me further than I push myself, and makes me feel like I can do anything. He believes in me, and that makes me believe in myself. 

Tell us about your wedding...
Our wedding was the most incredible WEEK of my life. We were married in Lake Placid, New York. Over 200 of our closest family and friends made the hike up for the extended stay, and experienced all the North Country has to offer. Lake Placid has always been our favorite place and getaway, and getting to share it with everyone we love was so special. Our parents hosted some amazing events to showcase all the Olympic Village has to offer, complete with a live ski jumping expedition! Our reception was held at the beautiful Whiteface Club and Resort overlooking the Whiteface ski mountain.

How did you pick out your dress?
This is probably the most special part of the wedding to me. My 80-year-old grandmother and role model made my dress. We designed it together and then picked out the fabric and accents. Everything else, including my veil, was done by hand by her. She is a former seamstress and made my mother’s wedding dress, so I always knew that if she was able, she would be creating mine as well. It was perfect, and exactly what I wanted. I felt beautiful in it.

How did you prepare yourself to feel your best on your big day?
As a wedding goal, my husband and I trained for and ran the half marathon in Lake Placid in June. I had never run one before, so it was a big accomplishment for me. I supplemented my running with a variety of classes at Work it Out. I took a lot of High Class Riding supplemented with some Zumba and Next Stop Skinny. I always feel good after leaving a class at WiO!

What did you do to calm yourself when planning got stressful?
I had a ton of help with the planning (especially from my husband who is a born planner), so it wasn’t an overly stressful time for me. When I did feel overwhelmed, I would put the energy into my workouts or catch up for dinner with my girlfriends who would tell me I was just being crazy and bring me back to earth.

What is a piece of advice you can give our fellow WiO Brides?
Try not to second-guess your decisions. I am very indecisive by nature, so I would constantly question if I chose the right vendors, dresses, decorations, etc. Have a vision and stick with it. Be open to advise from others, but ultimately go with your gut. As soon as I began doing that I felt more confident in my choices, and everything turned out exactly the way I wanted it to.