Vanessa has been bringing some amazing Zumba Love classes to Saturday mornings and now she'll bring the beat to Thursday nights at 7:20pm starting this week. She is going to be taking over for our beloved Kelly, who you can still find on Tuesdays and Fridays! Like Kelly, Vanessa's energy and passion for a great, uplifting class is off the charts. And here is the kicker: You won't just dance your heart out, you'll also get an amazing workout too!

Learn a little bit more about Vanessa below:

zumba 2

Sitting still was never one of Vanessa's favorite things to do from a young age. All throughout growing up she was an athlete, but it wasn't until college that she found her real passion for health and fitness. Vanessa began teaching boot camp, kick boxing, step, and conditioning classes at the fitness center throughout her 4 years at East Stroudsburg. Then when she graduated in 2010, she decided to combine her love of fitness and dancing and become Zumba certified. Since then, Vanessa has been teaching classes throughout the tri-state area and spreading her love of health and fitness as wide as possible.

zumba 3

Let Vanessa's energy reach you every Thursday night at Willow! She won't disappoint!