Our clients mean everything to us -- and it means the world when we hear that feeling is mutual! Our team of instructors kept mentioning this fierce chick who kept popping into all of our classes...so we had to take a few minutes to sit down with WiO'er Jacci F. to see what she was up to. Turns out Jacci is killing it with her 2-a-day membership and utilizing the WiO schedule to the max. Keep reading for our interview with Jacci to learn her secrets!

As a 2-a-day member, we see you taking advantage of the WiO schedule to it's full potential! What does a typical week of classes at WiO look like for you?

I try to do 2-a-day at least twice a week and visit WiO 6 times a week. My week is filled with a variety of classes. Mondays are CandyBarre and Zumba, Tuesdays are Next Stop; Skinny and Zumba, Wednesdays are CandyBarre and Ride Mixer (my favorite class of the week), Thursdays are CandyBarre, Fridays are Ride, and Saturdays are Sweata Weatha. I know the schedule is always changing gradually and I take advantage of new classes that are added whenever I can. For example, a few weeks ago Sweata Weatha was replaced with Absalute and Tight End so I took both!

Tell us your secrets for staying motivated to take 2-a-day?

There are a lot of things that keep me motivated, but I think the biggest is the change I have seen is my skin, body, and attitude since I joined WiO. I only go to the gym in the evenings after work and it is a great way to end my day. I use my workouts to de-stress and get rid of any frustrations I had during the day and I feel great when I go home. I even have extra energy to clean the house, do laundry, walk our dog, and make dinner when I get home. When I joined WiO, I also changed my diet a bit – I don’t starve myself or deprive myself of sweets but I have certainly cut back on the cupcakes and pizza lunches...I never joined WiO to lose weight, I simply wanted to feel better about myself and tone up a bit. Most of the two-a-days I take fit together so I feel like I am getting a full body workout. If I’m already going to the gym for one class, why not stay for a second here and there especially when your second is Zumba and it doesn’t even feel like you’re working out!! If you can get yourself motivated to go to the gym, it is easy to stay for a second class. I think the hardest part is getting there in the first place.

What's your favorite combo of back-to-back classes?

My favorite combo is Wednesday – CandyBarre and Ride Mixer – it’s the ultimate workout! Core Body workout, Cardio, Weights, and Spin.

How long have you been coming to WiO?

I have been coming to WiO since February (I think) so almost 6 months now!

What made you decide to become a 2-a-day member?

When looking for a gym, I tried out a few places but I knew I wanted something with classes and I wanted to be close to my apartment otherwise I knew I wouldn’t go. WiO had a such a large variety of workouts, it was the perfect fit for me! I came for my two-for-one class deal as a new member trial and joined immediately. I decided to become a 2-a-day member for multiple reasons – I always jump into everything I do with two feet so when I reviewed the options and cost for each package, two-a-day made sense for me. I knew 50-minutes wouldn’t be enough for me on a daily basis. I am very energetic and have always been athletic and competitive, so I knew I needed a longer workout right out of the gate. I love being able to stay for a second class whenever I feel like it especially when some of my favorite instructors are teaching two different classes back-to-back.

Last thing I would add is that many of my instructors are my biggest motivators in general and they certainly push you to work hard and push your limits which I love. To me, WiO is almost like having a personal trainer since the classes are small and everyone makes it a point to get to know you. For example, during Ride Mixer, I will be struggling through my last set of push-ups and Vanessa will come over and give me a few words of encouragement to keep me going and not drop to my knees. I really appreciate that all of the instructors take an interest in everyone that joins their class. It’s a very positive workout environment and I have been very happy to get to know everyone! I love WiO!!

Thanks for sharing Jacci! Do you have an inspiring story too? Share your story with us at media@workitoutgym.com.