You may be asking, "What is a WiO Class Master?" Well, consider it a WiO Hall of Fame where we honor loyal clients who have taken tons of WiO classes! We are proud to welcome our first WiO Class Master, Whitney Lesch!  This is an incredible accomplishment and we thank you for being a WiOer since our doors opened! Learn all about Whitney and  her love for WiO below! 
How did you hear about WiO?
I first heard about Work It Out from a good friend back in Oct 2011. She knew I was looking for a gym and had just purchased a monthly pack off Living Social. She thought I would like it and got me the same deal to prove it! After that month, I was hooked and have been coming ever since!
What is your most memorable WiO memory?
My most memorable experience is hard to pick and probably more like a compilation, but the one that always comes to mind is last Memorial Day weekend. Since it was a holiday weekend, Hoboken was pretty quiet and a few of the girls decided to bring their husbands/bfs to Monica's class to show them what we put our bodies through every weekend. She kicked our butts like she always does and the guys were definitely feeling it the most! It was a great time, tough class, and definitely the day I realized how in shape I was.
What keeps you coming back? 
I keep coming back because of the overall experience WiO provides - from the workouts to the people I get to do them with. I know the instructors will get me to push myself during the workouts and feel like a million bucks when its over. I have made such great friends at WiO and they also get me to push myself in and outside the studio. I have done so many things I never thought I would do because of the support of people I have met through WiO. Plus, you can't argue with results! I was not very toned and weighed a lot more when I started at WiO and today, I am proud of my strength and of my body. I love talking about the transformation so ask me anytime! :)
Any tips for newbie WiOers?
Stay open-minded and be willing to push yourself and try new things! If you don't think you can dance...take Zumba Love anyway!! I promise once you get over worrying about looking silly, you will have the time of your life! Not sure how you feel about WiO Ride... give it a week of taking classes. Eventually that pain in your butt will go away and you will really enjoy all the instructors and how you feel when its over. Try new things and keep it interesting - your body will love you for it!