If you missed out on our first WiO Class Master feature with Whitney Lesch, then you may be asking, “What is a WiO Class Master?” Well, consider it a WiO Hall of Fame where we honor loyal clients who have taken tons of WiO classes! We are super proud to welcome our second WiO Class Master, Jayme Lee Kyritz!  Jayme has always been an all- around WiOer and has been with us since the beginning! We can't thank you enough for your loyalty, it's an honor to have you at the studio! Learn about Jayme and her love for WiO below! 

How did you find out about WiO?
I actually first found out about WiO when you were building the studio and was super excited to see a fitness boutique opening in town closer to where I live! I didn’t get around to trying out classes until I bought a Living Social for one-month unlimited in October of 2011 and I’ve been hooked ever since.

What is you favorite memorable experience you have has with us?
It is hard to pick one memorable experience with WiO! I make sure to try every class offered, as well take as many classes with different instructors as I can because each class/instructor has something unique to offer. I love Zumba Love, Ride, CandyBarre and hope Yoga is brought back once the new studio opens!

What keeps you coming back?
I keep coming back because of the results. Since joining WiO, I have lost weight and toned muscles that I never knew I had. I also love the friendly, modern environment the studio has created and the friends I have made.

Advice you have for WiO Newbies...

  1. Always try new classes and different instructors, you will not only get a little variety but it is good to challenge yourself (you may be surprised to find out you are stronger than you thought.)
  2. Schedule your classes into your day like they are meetings or appointments that cannot be missed (I always try to make my schedule for the week), one hour of your day to yourself it not much to set aside for the amount of reward you can get from it.